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Dear friend,

I am greatly pleased that you are reading this piece of information about vitiligo treatment.

I am extremely lucky that you feel interested about our program. We treat patient with Homoeopathic medicines.

01. The treatment period is spanned up to maximum 12 months.

02. That help us eradicate viti completely.

03. We advise you to take 300-450 gms fruits every day after lunch to get best result.

04. For patients of Bangladesh please contact Mizanur Rahaman to know the cost of treatment.

05. For Bangladesh patients you can pay in BIKAS to ease payment.

06. His mob no. are +880 1793216757 & +8801401363930.

07. If you feel satisfied and decide to give it a go, chat with me to share disease detail using my whatsapp no +918506873949.

08. We always do research and development work on vitiligo and formulate new line of action of treatment.

09. FORBIDDEN items: tobacco, alcohol, gudaku, betel leaf & lime, cigarette.

10. Patients from other part of world just contact me in my whatsapp +918506873949 about cost of treatment and allied things.

11. The first three months is a treatment is to see the action of medicine on patient. The feedback after that help us to see the disease characters and the rest nine months we combat with our excellent stock of invaluable medicines.


to remove a harmful substance (such as a poison or toxin) or the effect of such from. b : to render (a harmful substance) harmless. 2 : to free (someone, such as a drug user or an alcoholic) from an intoxicating or an addictive substance in the body or from dependence on or addiction to such a substance.

aLL vitiligo patients after getting ill try to some extent treatment to get rid of this chronic disease. It is seen that some people has acuried vitiligo due to taking some medicine. I mate one vitiligo person and eagerly listening to him. He slowly turned 100% white. This was happen due to toxic agent camefrom medicine.

That is why we modify our treatment style. Doing detoxification first. then doing treatment of vitiligo.